Design trends often have a deep background. Whether inspired by pop culture or globalization, we love staying current and embracing change. It’s long overdue but finally European design trends have made their way across the seas and are looking fabulous. You can bet luxury interior design firms will pull together Euro-inspired designs. Interior Panache is an interior design company focusing on creating luxury spaces that shine. Check out some of our favorite European trends to hit the states:

Greenery and Foliage


This is one of our favorites. We bring the outdoors in as so many do in Europe with the addition of foliage! Definitely keep your eye out for this one as adding plants to an interior is a budget-friendly and healthy way to decorate your space. Our interior design company specializes in creating functional and spectacular spaces and an easy way to do it is with fresh plants, fun planters, and pretty green foliage. Hanging planters also keep plants off the ground or counters, allowing you more space. Need the services of luxury interior design firms to help you perfect this look? Check out all we have to offer.

Black And White

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This is a classic. Luxury interior design firms love black and white. And so does Europe. It’s classic, timeless, and evolving. Spot black and white patterns, prints, and tiles in Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon. Black and white geometrics are always a win. Consider black and white backsplash, wallpaper patterns, ceramic side table focal points, and pillow designs. See how our interior design company does it.

Tonal Reds

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Browse through our portfolio and you’ll see we’ve already adopted this fabulous trend. Red is energizing, passionate, and bold. And we’re not just talking about your basic red. Look at the various tones. Tangerine, coral, deep brick, all create different moods. Luxury interior design firms are sure to mix reds with textures, creating a depth of visual highs and lows. View our interior design company portfolio for examples.

Let Interiors Panache Create Your Ideal European-Inspired Space

Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion. Interiors Panache, one of the luxury interior design firms in the Bay Area, specializes in pulling together a high-end look that we know you’ll love. Our interior design company offers high-end interior design services for your project.

Contact Interior Panache today and allow great design to awaken your senses, defining function and perfecting elegant living. That’s the goal of luxury interior design firms and that’s our passion at Interiors Panache.

Pull together a timeless European-inspired look with the help of our interior design company – one of the Bay area’s favorite luxury interior design firms.